Zinc Plating Services

MIP, Inc. offers the flexibility to handle production runs of varying sizes to suit your zinc plating needs.

Zinc is a bluish-white deposit, which serves as a decorative and inexpensive protective metal with many advantages. Zinc acts as a coating against atmospheric corrosion of iron and steel parts, prevents oxidation by forming a barrier and acts as a sacrificial anode when the barrier is damaged, plus it prevents the breakdown of the substrate surface integrity as it forms.

Zinc plating is further protected by the application of post-plating treatments, such as chromates and sealers.

Zinc Plating Capabilities

MIP has two, 450-gallon tanks on its zinc line. Plating thickness is measured with our in-house XRF x-ray devices or micrometers. We offer barrel plating or rack plating.

Zinc Plating Specifications

ASTM B 633, QQ Z 325, 83246
Thickness Measurement Instruments, X-Ray Machine
Chromate Options
Trivalent Yellow Chromate with Salt Spray Protection of 120 Hours, Trivalent Clear Chromate with Protection of 96 Hours
Plating Method
Barrel, Rack
Industries Served
Various Industrial Applications

Tank Specifications

Tank Capacity
2 Tanks, 450 Gallons Each
Tank Dimensions
Width: 6 ft, Length: 5 ft, Depth: 3 ft
Interior Dimensions
Width: 70 in, Length: 50 in, Depth: 32 in