Selective Plating Services

MIP, Inc. offers selective plating services for small and large electrical components.

Selective plating is a process where only a portion of a customer part is plated. This process offers significant advantages over conventional plating since it deposits metal precisely onto the required area per customer specification. The process is accomplished either by masking off the area of the part that does not get plated using a specialized tape or by coating the entire part with a wax and removing the wax from the area requiring plating. Selective plating can be used on single parts or high-volume production runs.

Selective Plating Capabilities

We have three, 285-gallon tanks on our selective plating line. Plating thickness is measured with our in-house XRF x-ray devices or micrometers. Selective plating is generally accomplished using racks.

Selective Plating Specifications

Thickness Measurement Instruments, X-Ray Machine
Industries Served
Electrical, Military, Various Industrial Applications

Tank Specifications

Tank Capacity
3 Tanks, 285 Gallon Each
Tank Dimensions
Width: 3 ft, Length: 5 ft, Depth: 3 ft
Interior Dimensions
Width: 35 in, Length: 59 in, Depth: 32 in