Copper Plating Services

MIP, Inc. offers copper plating services for small and large electrical components.

We can meet your copper plating requirements to the listed specifications. Copper provides a soft, ductile, and solderable surface that has many advantages. It has excellent leveling properties and acts as an undercoat for most metals. It is highly ductile and thereby polishes easily to a high shine and has the ability to fill sharp corners and level surface imperfections, allowing smooth and uniform coverage of the base metal.

Copper is an excellent undercoat on aluminum prior to silver or tin plating applications.

Copper Plating Capabilities

MIP has three, 285-gallon tanks on our copper line. Plating thickness is measured with our in-house XRF x-ray devices or micrometers. We offer barrel plating or rack plating.

Copper Plating Specifications

MIL C 1455
Thickness Measurement Instruments, X-Ray Machine
Alkaline (several modifications of cyanide and non-cyanide), Acid (sulfate and fluoborate), Mildly Alkaline (pyro phosphate)
Plating Method
Barrel, Rack
Industries Served
Electrical, Military, Various Industrial Applications

Tank Specifications

Tank Capacity
3 Tanks, 285 Gallon Each
Tank Dimensions
Width: 3 ft, Length: 5 ft, Depth: 3 ft
Interior Dimensions
Width: 35 in, Length: 59 in, Depth: 32 in